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Thanks to you, we can provide compassionate and culturally sensitive support for families who have suffered the devastation of the death of their child.

You have helped fund a dedicated Bereavement Coordinator for Children’s Health Queensland’s Bereavement Service, in partnership with Scarlett May Foundation. This role enabled the expansion of the Queensland Children’s Hospital’s palliative care service to offer bereavement support for all families connected with Children’s Health Queensland who experience the death of a child.

We’re also proud to have been funding the Children’s Health Queensland Remembrance Ceremony for more than 10 years. The Ceremony provides the opportunity for children to be remembered in a shared experience with others who have also lived through the death of a child.
Clinicians, families, and friends also have the chance to connect with one another, making the transition between hospital life and normal life less abrupt and disruptive.

Our generous supporters have also helped to fund Queensland Children’s Hospital’s Welfare Service, allowing families the chance to access Final Farewell funds to support funeral payments if they’re experiencing financial hardship in the most tragic of circumstances.

Losing a child is something no family should ever have to face, however, that is sadly the reality for some families. We’re so grateful for your generosity in helping to fund some of Children’s Health Queensland’s incredibly important bereavement programs, which has seen the expansion of bereavement support to all families cared for by the health service.

Another incredibly special program you allow us to provide is memory-making. Finding ways to remember a child has proven to help parents, carers and families cope with their emotions and better adapt while they are grieving.

Your support provides memory books and support boxes to these families. This support helps mothers like Jenni, who lost her three-year-old George to sepsis. “His body tried so hard to fight the infection, but after having a stroke, losing circulation to his left leg then losing blood flow to the right side of his brain, his body couldn’t fight any longer. He was taken off life support and passed away in my arms on 26 September 2019. Our beautiful ray of sunshine was gone,” Jenni said.

“The Bereavement Coordinator reached out to me and gave me the time, space, a listening ear, and platform to express the sadness I was feeling after our huge loss. It was because of this experience that I knew I wanted to help others who were experiencing the same feelings of losing a child. Those early days are so incredibly hard and having the option to reach out to others who understand those feelings and can listen, and offer some comfort and support during those first months is so important.

Helping others cope with their new grief at a devastating time after the loss of their child is invaluable.”

Jenni bravely shared her story as part of this year’s Nine Telethon – watch George’s story here