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Thank you for thinking of sick kids in hospital.

In recent times we have been overwhelmed by the generous community spirit which sees us receiving inkind donations from many families, community groups and organisations.

We are fortunate to have found ourselves in the position of having an incredible supply of toys at this time to support the delivery of our most impactful services so we are asking people to please donate via our Amazon Wishlist as an alternative.

Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist is filled with the items we need the most. These items help support patients and families throughout the hospital, from the moment they arrive through to recognising significant milestones and providing important distraction.

Our Wishlist also allows us to immediately respond to what is being requested by healthcare professionals, families, and most importantly kids! You can ensure your donation will have maximum impact by choosing from this list.

Handmade items

Have you got a talent for sewing and a desire to support sick kids?

We currently require a regular supply of several handmade items to help support the healthcare journey of children in the hospital.

These items include:
Pillow cases
Nasogastric tube pouches
Knitted Octopi

If you can help supply any of these items please get in touch. You can call us on 07 3068 4730 or email [email protected]