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Children’s Hospital Foundation Funding Scheme

Children’s Hospital Foundation funds cutting-edge equipment, vital research and on the ground support for kids with all illnesses, injuries and conditions, throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

We believe that every child should have access to the highest standards of care, treatment and experience, regardless of their illness, postcode, background or situation.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation Funding Scheme supports the health and wellbeing of children by providing funding to Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) and regional Hospital and Health Services (HHSs). The funding scheme aims to support transformational care through innovative health services and by enabling initiatives that promote the best possible patient experience.

It’s vitally important to us that our donors’ funds support initiatives or projects that will have a significant and demonstratable impact on better outcomes for patients and their families.

In this scheme, funding can be requested for:

  • Educational programs or resources for health professionals
  • Support services or materials for patients and families
  • Clinical activities with no research component
  • Clinical equipment and resources
  • Pilot programs or projects that aim to enhance the support provided to patients and their families

The proposed activity must show clear intentions for positively impacting the clinical and/or wellbeing outcomes for patients and families. Applications for funding must clearly outline how the activity can be sustained beyond the initial funding support (if applicable). Activities and equipment for which funds are requested should augment the standard of care provided by CHQ and must not be covered by a department’s existing budget.

Prior to applying to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Funding Scheme, requests from CHQ staff are encouraged to have their project/activity endorsed by one of CHQ’s strategic oversight committees; (Family Centered Care Committee (FCCC) or Health Services Improvement and Innovation Committee (HSIIC)). This process ensures initiatives have been vetted, validated, prioritised, and supported by multi-disciplinary teams. Equipment requests must be endorsed by the CMC (Capital Management Committee) prior to applying.

Please note: Requests in the 22/23 financial year will be funded for 12 months only.

  • Infrastructure/equipment that is essential to the provision of standard care to patients/families.
  • Infrastructure that fulfills the health service’s obligation to comply with workplace health and safety regulations (e.g., desk/office space, infrastructure to support safe evacuation)
  • Training/education program that is required for provision of standard clinical care or accreditation requirements (e.g., mandatory CPR training)
  • Facility fees and administrative costs (overheads) associated with administrative and facility support, attendance at conferences or publishing costs.
  • Research costs (please email [email protected] for more information on research funding opportunities).

The maximum amount that can be requested is $50,000* (for equipment requests over $50,000, please contact the grants team at [email protected])

Funding is provided as a single year one-off grant i.e., funds received should be spent / projects completed within one year after award of funding.

*This amount is subject to change in future years.

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be formally assessed three times each financial year (July, March, October). The grant commencement date will be aligned with the timing of each review cycle. Applicants will be notified of the outcome after the review cycle that immediately follows their application.

Applicants will be required to first create an account and complete an application form through SmartyGrants.

Please ensure you have addressed all questions in the application and included any documents requested prior to submitting your application as it cannot be changed after.

Please contact the Impact Grants team ([email protected]) regarding your interest in submitting an application.

Budget: Please provide a budget breakdown by using the spreadsheet found here.

Timeline: Please upload a timeline of your proposed project/activities.

The CHF Funding Scheme Review Committee will shortlist applications as follows: 

Fundable – all assessment criteria are met; the application ranks highly, and it is within budget of funding available. 

Declined: a substantial number of assessment criteria are not met or ranked low against most criteria, or the application was not competitive against other applications. 

The funding application form requires you to provide commentary that addresses the assessment criteria below.   

Outcomes for patients and/or families  Meets the needs of patients and families 
Reach  Will have reach within the applicable cohort and is equitably available to those who would benefit from the service/concept/item 
Impact  Will have a direct, demonstratable benefit for the clinical care and/or wellbeing of patients and families 
Reporting  Clear intentions of measuring and reporting outcomes to Children’s Hospital Foundation 
Sustainability  Clear understanding of sustainability beyond the requested funding period 
Inclusion  Does the project/activity promote health equity and inclusivity 

Successful applicants will receive a formal Letter of Offer and Award Funding Agreement. The terms and conditions in the agreement describe the reporting and acquittal requirements the grant recipient must comply with.

Successful applicants will be required to report on project impact using the Children’s Hospital Foundation report template and may be asked to present project outcomes at various communications forums or celebration events.

Successful awardees must be able to commence the initiative within 3 months from the date awarded. Please consider any potential delays that may occur as extensions are by exception only.

Unsuccessful applications will be notified of the assessment outcome via email in line with key dates for application review (section 3). The Children’s Hospital Foundation Funding Scheme is a competitive funding scheme and as such, it is to be expected that not all applications that meet criteria will be awarded funding.

Unsuccessful applicants can re-apply in future cycles. Children’s Hospital Foundation will endeavor to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

If further information is required, please contact [email protected].

Research Funding

For research funding opportunities please contact the Grants Management team – [email protected]

Varying a Grant

Please refer to our Grant Variation Guidelines when requesting a variation to your Children’s Hospital Foundation grant.

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