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A new regular photography program at Queensland Children’s Hospital is providing families of frequent flyer and long-stay patients with lasting memories, thanks to your generosity.

Keeping memories and photos is important for anyone – you want to look back and remember your life experiences and relationships.

For families with sick children, the desire to retain and revisit important memories is only heightened. Every moment is precious.

Yet caregivers facing the challenges of a child’s illness or injury often do not have the time, means or headspace to capture images that document their experience in hospital.

If and when they do, the images usually only feature the child and not the whole family unit.

That’s where our regular photography program at the Queensland Children’s Hospital looks to capture candid and precious memories of families in hospital.

In partnership with Jess Stephens from Jess-Ann Photography, our photography program captures candid photos of long-stay and frequent flyer patients at the bedside each month.

Launched in March 2023, the program has recorded over 170 family interactions – each interaction providing families with images that accurately portray their experience in hospital.

For one family, the visit was, “a happy experience which made us laugh – laughing felt good considering our circumstances.”

Another family mentioned, “our daughter passed away three days after the photos were taken. We will always treasure the beautiful pictures of the three of us together.”

The monthly photography program is made possible through the CommBank Staff Foundation Community Grant and generous supporters like you.

Head here to find out how your support is the difference every kid deserves.