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One lucky Forest Lake resident has won the prize of a lifetime, taking home $250,000 worth of goodies in an event she claims has changed their life.  

The young mum, Ange Ginders, purchased a winning ticket in a Play For Purpose raffle for $10 in support of Children’s Hospital Foundation – a charity very close to her heart.  

Her prize includes a Land Rover Defender worth $118,374, $125,000 in cashable gold bullion and $6,626 in vouchers from some of Australia’s leading retailers. 

Ange supported Children’s Hospital Foundation, as her family knows all too well the difference the charity makes to families with sick children, as her daughter was born with a hole in her heart.  

“My youngest daughter, Liberty, was in and out of hospital sick for the first fourteen months of her life. When doctors discovered she had a heart murmur, this ultimately led to the diagnosis of a hole in her heart,” Ange said.  

“When we found out about the hole in her heart, it truly felt like ‘what else could go wrong with our child?’, and that the bad news was never-ending.” 

While Liberty doesn’t require surgery for her condition at this stage, she will require regular check-ups to monitor her condition, and cardiac surgery may be required down the track.  

“We’ve stayed positive and tried to focus on the good parts of the journey, not the bad, and winning this prize has certainly been a great part of the journey,” Ange added. 

“I chose to buy the ticket as you never know when you may need the Children’s Hospital Foundation services, and how much new equipment and research is needed to help just one single child in need. 

“This prize has been truly life-changing for our whole family and has thrust us on a very positive track forward.”  

Since 2017, Play For Purpose participants have raised more than $300,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation, ensuring they can work wonders for sick kids through support and entertainment programs, funding vital paediatric research, and purchasing life-saving medical equipment.  

Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO, Rosie Simpson, said that it’s thanks to the generosity of people like Ange that the Foundation can work wonders for sick kids. 

“With the help of supporters like Ange, we’ve been able to invest in support for children and their families in hospital, and fund vital research and new equipment,” Ms Simpson said.   

“We are so happy that the first prize winner is a supporter of Children’s Hospital Foundation, and that the prize is going to someone who needs it the most,” she said.  

“Every single raffle ticket sold helps to make a difference in the fight against childhood illness and injury so every child can grow up as happy and healthy as possible.” 

Each Play For Purpose ticket gives players the chance to win hundreds of prizes, all while supporting an Australian charitable cause of their choice.