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It was a Christmas to remember for little Arlo and his family. In December last year, Arlo rung the bell to mark the end of his cancer treatment in front of friends, family and his care team at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Arlo’s cancer journey began when he was just 15 weeks old, when his mum, Amber, noticed a couple of red rash-like dots over his feet and legs. Within three hours of being admitted to hospital, Arlo was diagnosed with acute lymphoma leukaemia.

“I was a first-time mum – I was so lost and in total shock,” recalled Amber on Arlo’s diagnosis.

Throughout his time in hospital, Arlo endured ten months of intensive chemotherapy, and had many general anaesthetics, bone marrow aspirations, lumbar punctures, CTs, X-rays, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions and more.

For Amber, it was challenging at times living out of a room with a young baby, but the Foundation’s support gave her a welcome distraction and the chance to take a break.

This included music therapy sessions to ease any anxiety Arlo may have be experiencing during his treatment and visits from Steggles Cuddle Carers to provide comfort in the form of a reassuring and soothing cuddle. Arlo was also a regular at Kidzone – enjoying the toys, crafts and games.

Today, Arlo continues to hit milestones. He is walking, talking, and exploring the world like any happy and active toddler.

“It is incredible to see him in remission now. He is really well and he’s just like any two-and-a-half-year-olds,” said Amber.

With the ongoing support of the community, the Children’s Hospital Foundation can continue to fund vital medical research to improve diagnosis, treatment and ultimately, find a cure for childhood cancer – helping kids like Arlo now and into the future.

You can watch Arlo ringing the bell here.

Photo Credit: Nigel Hallett, News Corp Australia