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Introducing your presenter:  Dr Adam Irwin

NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow

Dr Adam Irwin is a NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow and conjoint Senior Lecturer in paediatric infectious disease at The University of Queensland and Queensland Children’s Hospital.

After studying medicine at the University of Birmingham Medical School and further training in paediatric infectious disease and immunology in London, he was awarded a PhD from the University of Liverpool Institute of Infection and Global Health in 2016.

As a paediatric infectious disease specialist, he moved to Queensland where his research focuses on the diagnosis and evaluation of pathogens and the use of antimicrobials in children.

He was awarded an early career fellowship, funded by the Children’s Hospital Foundation, for his vital research on early recognition of invasive infections and sepsis, and optimal use of antimicrobials including the most appropriate treatment of healthcare-associated and antimicrobial resistant infections in children.

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