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Working wonders for sick kids got a superhero boost, when Chris Hemsworth appeared on Juiced TV Live to virtually visit some amazing kids at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Chris and the Foundation team had been hoping for a hospital visit during 2020, but with visitor restrictions due to COVID-19, we worked with the innovative team at Juiced TV to make some incredible memories for some very special kids.

There were brilliant questions, jokes, games, and challenges from Elana, Aidan, Tyler, Flynn, Koen, Aiden, and Kirsty, who spoke with Chris for over an hour, and did a fantastic job of hosting the show.

There were smiles all round, but especially for Aiden when Chris produced the Mjölnir Hammer and quoted the line ‘I’m Thor son of Odin” from the hit movies.

We are extremely grateful to Chris for taking the time to make sick kids smile and laugh, especially during these extra tough times.

We’re all working and living differently right now, but the sad fact is kids are still be diagnosed with cancer or needing surgery and treatments. The amazing care at Queensland Children’s Hospital never stops and with the support of our corporate partners and the community the Children’s Hospital Foundation will continue to fund world-class research, vital equipment and patient and family services – and occasionally, a chat and some laughs with a celebrity is just what the doctor ordered.

Watch the highlights of Chris’s visit below or head over to our Facebook page for the full episode.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is proud to be a Founding Partner of Juiced TV.