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How world class health care and support helped Sarah to heal.

Knew there was something wrong.

Seventeen-year-old Sarah had been suffering from intense pain in her left knee for over 18 months, with x-ray and MRI results being inconclusive. Following admission to the Emergency Department after the pain became unbearable, a biopsy was taken, and Sarah was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma in her knee.

Taking the bad with the good

Devastated and overwhelmed, the family remained positive and stayed strong for each other. Thankfully the cancer had not spread and was contained in the knee, so Sarah would not have to go through chemotherapy.

Sarah had an above the knee amputation and spent 11 days in hospital, she then had to return for a second surgery a month later as part of the wound wasn’t healing. She faced a long road to recovery which was not only physically, but mentally tough adjusting to life as an amputee.

With less than a month from diagnosis to surgery, numerous appointments and check-ups, Sarah and her family will be forever grateful for the incredible care, support, and kindness they all received from the hospital team at every stage of their journey.

Hope for the future.

Sarah has returned to school and the family are settling into a new routine that includes hospital and physio appointments. Ensuring Sarah is as independent and self-sufficient as possible is the focus for her parents.

Sarah’s bravery and positively continues to make her parents proud. She has been fitted with a prosthetic and can walk around using crutches. Determined not to miss out, she has returned to school to complete Year 12, got her provisional driving license and even has ambitions to return to dance one day.