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Born with multiple joint deformities, five-year-old  Patrick has undergone ongoing plaster casting of his torso and legs and faced ongoing surgeries since birth.

In 2021, his upper body torso plaster was removed and replaced with halo gravity traction. This was a big moment for Patrick as he could experience a bath and go swimming for the first time since he was six months old.

The family had to temporarily relocate from their home in the Northern Territory to Brisbane five months before Patrick’s birth due to anticipated complications with his pregnancy and delivery. Since he was six months old, Patrick travelled to Brisbane every three months for torso plaster castings and surgical procedures, and his family once again temporarily relocated to Brisbane in January 2021 to enable Patrick to undergo further spinal procedures.

Being so far from home for such significant periods of time presented a plethora of challenges for his family, however, they leaned on the Children’s Hospital Foundation Patient and Family team for support. This included frequent visits to the Foundation’s playroom Kidzone, utilisation of Bravery Beads, bedside play with Foundation volunteers, cuddles with the Steggles Cuddle Carers, craft packs, visits to the Scholastic Book Bunker, Pet Therapy, volunteer services, and more.

“We are so grateful for the Foundation’s services and resources provided for our young child and family during years of hospital stays. They have greatly enhanced the quality and experiences we have had being away from our interstate home,”