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How an incredible gift saved a special boy’s life

An urgent search

Diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (a disease of the heart muscle) when he was only one year old, Clayton was thirteen when he went into end stage heart failure. Tests also revealed pulmonary hypertension, meaning he would also need a double lung transplant. Clayton’s situation was so critical he was placed on the top of every heart and lung list in Australia and New Zealand.

A new heart and lungs

Doctors fought to keep Clayton alive. His family felt a huge amount of gratitude and relief when they finally got the call July 2021 – there was a heart and lungs for Clayton. After such a huge surgery, and some complications, Clayton was in an induced coma for five weeks. It has been a long road of recovery with many bouts of illness, lots of missed school, and a lot of hard work doing therapies to help his body get stronger.

Celebrating an extraordinary gift

Every day since that incredible operation Clayton and his family celebrate the extra time they have been able to spend together. Without the world-leading medical care, Clayton simply wouldn’t be here. Clayton is looking to the future and getting excited about all the things he can now do such as finish school, find a job he loves, and live life to the fullest.