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Paediatric brain cancer research in Queensland will receive a $500,000 boost thanks to a donation from Golden Casket.

The money donated will go towards the Centre for Child and Adolescent Brain Cancer Research, launched by the Children’s Hospital Foundation in March this year.

The centre brings together world-leading researchers, doctors and facilities to improve brain cancer research capacity and improve outcomes for children and families affected by the condition.

Brain cancer claims the life of one Australian child every 11 days – more than any other disease.

Despite advances in other types of childhood cancer, survival rates for brain cancer have made little progress over the past 30 years.

Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO, Rosie Simpson said Golden Casket was a long-time supporter of the Foundation.

“I am delighted to see the unwavering support of Golden Casket and their commitment to helping Queensland’s sickest kids,” Ms Simpson said.

“This generous donation will allow research into innovative projects contributing to the discovery of new therapies, trials to improve physical functioning and neurological ability in patients, and genetic engineering technology to reprogram immune cells to target brain tumours.”

Funded from unclaimed prize money, the donation is part of Golden Casket’s support for the Children’s Hospital Foundation, which stretches back more than two decades.

Golden Casket Managing Director Sue van der Merwe said she wished the new centre every success in tackling childhood brain cancer.

“We are proud to play a part in this Australian-first research centre. Lotteries has a long history of supporting key health initiatives such as this across Australia,” Ms van der Merwe said.

“Through donations such as this, we want to support healthy and happy families and help young Queenslanders have the best possible start to their lives.”

To donate to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, visit  or phone 1300 742 554.