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Thanks to you, we can be the difference that matters, and the difference that shapes their world.

The power to be the difference every kid deserves sits with the donors, supporters and partners ready and willing to stand up and join us.

Together we can create a future where gaps in funding grow smaller, not bigger, where more lives are saved, more lifetimes are made and world-class is for all, not just for some.

This future is within our grasp, but only if we face it together.

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Where your dollar goes

When you donate to us, we are transparent about where your money goes.

For every dollar donated 64 cents goes straight to impact like research, equipment and supporting patients and families.

10 cents goes towards our future fund. This future fund allows us to make big multi-year commitments to areas of vital importance like brain cancer and cystic fibrosis.

Finally, 26 cents goes towards operating expenses and cost of fundraising allowing us to generate more income and operate with good governance.

The figures above are based on lifetime values since inception in 1985 to the end of the last financial year June 2022.

Your donations have a huge impact on sick kids!

Figures relate to FY 2021/22.