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Your support for immunotherapy research will help create a world without children's cancer

Your donation ensures researchers at the Ian Frazer Centre can continue developing novel immunotherapy treatments over the next year. Vaccines that help children like Ava fight cancer.

A world-first children's cancer vaccine

How the Ian Frazer Centre for Children's Immunotherapy Research is revolutionising paediatric cancer treatment.

Unlike traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, immunotherapy activates the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. It is globally recognised as one of the most promising new approaches to childhood cancer treatment.

Despite the unprecedented success of immunotherapy in curing countless adult cancers, children have not yet benefited from this revolutionary therapy. There remains a significant need to tailor these advanced treatments to the unique challenges presented by paediatric cancers.

The team at the Ian Frazer Centre for Children’s Immunotherapy Research are working to develop novel cancer vaccines which are tailored to an individual child’s tumour’s specific genetic profile.

The Ian Frazer Centre for Children’s Immunotherapy Research arims to be the first to carry out a cancer vaccine trial in children with their Personal Immunity-Guided Cancer Vaccine (PIC-Vac), working to bring new hope to families and their children affected by cancer.


Through the PIC-Vac project, it is hoped the child’s own immune system will be trained to identify abnormal cells in the body. Effectively, the immune system will then recognise those cells and clear the tumour, in the way the immune system naturally operates and works.