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Countless stories of resilience and determination unfold every day at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. One story you may remember is that of Lewis Bishop – a former Children’s Hospital Foundation Telethon ambassador.

As we celebrate the Queensland Children’s Hospital’s 10th birthday this November, we are looking back on Lewis’ journey and the incredible strides he has made since he first arrived at the hospital back in 2014.  

At just nine years old, Lewis’ life changed forever after a traumatic boating accident in Papua New Guinea. Flown to Townsville, his family was told his injuries were too severe to be repaired – requiring the amputation of his lower right leg. 

“I was reversed over with a boat which basically caught up my leg, was flown over to Brisbane and had to be amputated,” Lewis recalls.  


Training for the Paralympics

Lewis’ rehabilitation journey began at the Queensland Children’s Hospital’s Limb Difference Clinic – a clinic that supports children who were either born with – or have acquired – a limb difference during their life. 

As Limb Difference Clinic coordinator and Queensland Children’s Hospital senior physiotherapist, Shail Maharaj did not want Lewis to lose hope about his future, so he organised an introduction to three-time Paralympic gold medallist, Brenden Hall.  

“There have been others that have come through our service that might have some words of wisdom for him,” said Shail. 

Brenden, who also had his leg amputated as a child, became a mentor and showed Lewis that an elite sports career was still possible despite his injury.  

Now 19, Lewis is training to qualify for the Paris Paralympics, with his journey starting at the Paralympic Trials in Chandler on 10 June.  

His ultimate goal is to shine at Brisbane 2032.  


Supporting innovation and care

Around three in four children with a limb difference are born with their difference – the remaining 25% usually require amputation due to injury or illness.  

Over the past decade, the Limb Difference Clinic team has treated more than 250 patients and provided more than 5,000 clinic attendances, including outreach clinics in regional areas. 

Children’s Hospital Foundation has been key in developing innovative projects and support systems for kids with a limb difference.  

By funding specialised equipment – such as different types of walking aids – and the development of a book made up of stories of children with limb differences leading fulfilling lives, kids like Lewis can learn to walk again and achieve a rich and functional life.   


Celebrating 10 years of impact

As we celebrate 10 years of the Queensland Children’s Hospital in 2024, Lewis’ story serves as a powerful reminder of the difference that dedicated care and community support can make in the lives of children and young people facing significant challenges.  

In the lead-up to the Paralympics, Lewis continues to train and inspire those around him, showing resilience and determination that is defining his personal journey.  

Looking forward, we committed to supporting innovative programs and world-class care at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, driven by the potential of what is yet to come.