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Taleigha-Rose was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2020 when she was 14 years old.

A week before her diagnosis, she was sick with flu-like symptoms. She received a negative result COVID test, so she and her family attributed her symptoms to her body fighting an infection in her toe.

Shortly after, her legs developed boil-like lumps which eventually led to pain so terrible she was unable to walk. Upon presenting at her local hospital, she underwent a blood test which revealed she was anaemic and neutropenic and would need to spend the night in hospital. Taleigha-Rose had never spent a night in hospital before and was initially excited at the prospect. Her brother even asked if he could sleep over too.

The next morning, doctors advised that she may have leukaemia and that an ambulance was on its way to transfer her to Queensland Children’s Hospital. Her diagnosis was confirmed upon arrival.

Her treatment is ongoing and has included chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations, central line insertions, and skin biopsies, but throughout it all Taleigha-Rose has stayed positive and determined to get through it. She won’t let cancer dull her spirit.

Throughout her cancer journey, she has been supported by the Children’s Hospital Foundation, utilising the Bravery Beads program, emergency supplies, craft packs, digital loans, and much more. All of these support mechanisms have been absolutely invaluable in helping her get through the tough times.

Taleigha-Rose is looking forward to being able to return home and see her dad and brother every day, and she hopes to be able to return to playing netball once her treatment has finished.