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We are us + you, the families of small warriors!

You are our reason for being here.  You are our priority as we continue to do all that we can to support you and your family through your healthcare experience. We want to walk alongside you to build your compassionate and unified community.  We love meeting new people and look forward to being a friendly and familiar face for you, whether that’s during a short admission, long stay, or regular visits.  We are here, in our ‘green team’ shirts, ready to help.  

Green Team (noun) 

1. An extra-ordinary collective of positive persons in green shirts that you can rely on

2.  Representing happiness, connection, empowerment, safety, and trust

Patient Experience

Fun is no laughing matter, it’s serious business!  We inspire smiles in little people and provide the opportunity for caregivers to take a break while our Fun Experts support children through exciting activities, toys, and games. No matter where you’re at in your healthcare plan, we’re here to offer support through entertainment, recognising special moments, and creating lifelong memories.  

Together our team has personal lived experiences in healthcare and over 25 years of service working towards improving the patient and family experience.  We believe we have the best jobs in the world as each day we are walking alongside you, inspired to do all that we can to be a part of your circle of support.  

Family Support

When you’re having a tough day and just need a pair of compassionate ears to talk to, you can call on our Family Support team.  Once you’ve been admitted we will drop by your room to deliver our Inpatient Orientation service, to help you navigate the hospital and connect you with services that are going to help you during your stay.  We love getting to know YOU – the patients and families who walk through these hospital doors – and becoming part of your support network while you adjust to a new hospital environment.  

We like to stay in touch too, so when you know you’re coming in for future appointments or admissions, you’ll have a friendly face to welcome you back!  

Volunteer Services

A huge part of who we are is the volunteers that make our services possible, ready to deliver to patients and families like you. Our Volunteer Services team are experts in nurturing every special person who is recruited to work wonders through volunteering. 

We use our many years of expertise in the hospital environment to design bespoke training, tools and tricks to ensure only the most dedicated and caring volunteers are recruited and specially trained to support you during your healthcare experience. 

Our team is committed to providing support and care for volunteers, families and the many healthcare teams that engage with our volunteers.  Through various roles throughout the hospital, our volunteer ‘Green Team’ are here to make your hospital stay as positive as we can!