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As Frank looks to the future of children’s healthcare in Queensland, he wants to thank supporters like you.

Frank Tracey was appointed the Chief Executive of Children’s Health Queensland in July 2019.

Throughout his tenure, he has guided our state’s children’s health services through the pandemic and seen the Queensland Children’s Hospital recognised by Newsweek as the ninth best paediatric hospital in the world.

We sat down with Frank to talk about what sets the Queensland Children’s Hospital apart from other paediatric hospitals, his vision for the future and how your support makes this possible.

Q: What do you think sets the Queensland Children’s Hospital apart from other paediatric hospitals in Australia and beyond?

A: The wonderful staff and volunteers! These people are constantly striving for excellence in everything they do. They truly see their role as providing the best possible care for every child and young person in Queensland.

Q: What does person-centred care mean to you?

A: To us, person-centred care means we keep the child and young person central to our approach in how we deliver care and how we engage with patients. This way of thinking extends for our people directly involved in the caregiving to our administration staff making the appointment, who are often the first point of contact for families.

Did you know? Children’s Health Queensland became the first paediatric provider in the Southern Hemisphere to be awarded Gold Certification for Excellence in Person-Centred Care by Planetree International.

Q: What is your vision for Children’s Health Queensland and the Queensland Children’s Hospital for the next five to ten years?

A: Our vision is to grow the healthiest and happiest adults possible. We are dedicated to supporting children and young people right across the state and growing our statewide network to ensure every child can receive the very best care and treatment as close to home as possible.

Q: What message do you have for Children’s Hospital Foundation supporters and donors?

A: Firstly, thank you! We are so fortunate to have the Children’s Hospital Foundation community support us here at Queensland Children’s Hospital and Children’s Health Queensland.

If there was one message, it is to learn a little more about our aspirations for children and young people in Queensland and come with us on this journey to grow a generation that can be the best version of themselves. You truly make part of this possible!

Head here to find out how your support is the difference every kid deserves.