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Beau’s story

When Beau was born, his mum Tiffany knew right away that something wasn’t right. His breathing was raspy, he didn’t want to feed and he wasn’t gaining weight.

At two weeks old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and rushed to hospital.

Beau has been in and out of hospital since birth. Whenever he gets a bad lung infection, he has to spend weeks hooked up to an antibiotic drip. The dressing changes for the drip are the only thing that makes Tiffany’s tough little guy cry. They’re one of the hardest parts for her too.

“It breaks my heart seeing him sob”

As Beau is getting older, Tiffany is seeing his condition get worse. When he was a baby, Beau only needed a couple of medications, but now he has to take handfuls of pills every day. And while other children are out playing, Beau has to stay inside doing breathing exercises

It’s likely that Beau’s respiratory system will collapse one day, and he may need a lung transplant.

The reality is cystic fibrosis will cut Beau’s life short. He may not make it to adulthood, and he’ll be lucky to live past the age of 37.

How you can help

Scientists have begun the research that could transform those children’s lives – but we urgently need more funding to keep it going. That’s where you can help. Funding is needed for a promising research project that will help develop new, gentler, more precise lung imaging techniques – made just for little bodies. And help make sure we can catch lung disease in children with CF before it’s too late.

Your donation today could also fund research into a deadly bacteria that’s spreading worldwide. Kids with CF are particularly susceptible to it – if it gets into Beau’s lungs, it could make his respiratory system collapse, or even kill him. Your donation will help researchers find new ways to treat this infection or stop kids from catching it in the first place. Which could save countless children’s lives.

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